Flash And Interactive

Flash & Interactive:

Interactive presentations are a major improvement to standard sales presentations, capturing your audience attention in a way that basic Power Point merely aspires to. Awan Softwares have developed interactive video presentation for clients to use primarily as sales & marketing tools on laptops, CD's, DVD's and touch screen displays. Presentations can include features such as 3D rooms and character animation, video testimonials, audio and voiceover's. The most common use of flash has been to add a professionally designed flash introduction to your Website Designed effectively this can immediately capture attention and provide a clear understanding of what your company provides. We will generally embed your flash design directly onto your web pages which enables quick loading files and avoids losing the visitors attention.

Awan Softwares | Website Develeopment in Lahore

IT Support:

Awan Softwares can either provide a comprehensive outsourced off-site service or work with an existing IT department. The customer can choose what level of support he requires from server support on a case-by-case basis through to an all inclusive support agreement. Remote support options are available as are IT strategy and consultancy services.

SharePoint Development:

Our highly skilled team consists of certified SharePoint experts and we are ready to analyze customer business processes according to your needs and develop an appropriate customized solution based on SharePoint. The solution developed would be based on provided client's specification and that would in turn help in optimizing the ways through which people, content, and processes are interacting in various departments/levels in the customer’s organization.

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Customer Satisfaction

Awan Softwares is a complete software partner for our clients, from initial consultancy and design phases right through to deployment and ongoing support. We can provide a one-stop shop for your project through our partnerships with trusted third parties such as web designers and ISPs. Our proactive and capable project managers run project smoothly and efficiently, leaving you with an exceptional software solution for a highly competitive price. We have experience of a vast range of markets and technologies and are continually broadening our horizons yet further. Our can-do attitude and deep technical experience allow us to deliver the most challenging projects with a minimum of fuss. We are very happy to undertake work on a fixed-price, fixed-timescale basis - so you can be confident of what you're getting when, and at what price. You can budget and plan your IT strategy accurately, a luxury of which most IT directors merely dream. In an industry where the majority of projects are delivered late or over-budget, this gives you (and us) a huge competitive advantage. Finally, we offer genuine value for money. We believe the quality of our staff, software and service to be superior to that of the biggest and best names in the industry - many of whom charge fees many times ours. Our track record has earned us both an unparalleled reputation and a loyal customer base who respect us, trust us and commission us again and again.